Latteria Turnaria di Tignale

Olive Picking

The olives are harvested by stripping them from the branches by hand(°) at a particular stage of ripening(*), because if they are bruised, damaged, or if they are too mature, the quality of the oil deteriorates.

(°) Detached from the branches and not picked from the ground.
(*) The greatest accumulation of volatile components and polyphenols, fundamental to obtain a high quality oil, occurs in this stage of ripening (pigmentation of the surface of the drupe).

Sorting and Delivery

The olives are collected in large nets and then cleaned of leaves, twigs, crushed olives, etc … and placed in special boxes for delivery to the oil mill.
The olives are consigned the same day, weighed and stored at the oil mill to be pressed within the following 24/48 hours.