Latteria Turnaria di Tignale

Olive Processing

Removal of leaves and washing

In a continuous cycle in our modern oil mill (Latteria Turnaria) any remaining leaves are removed and the olives are washed in water; then after being drained to dry them, they are sieved and sent to the olive press.

The pressing of the olives

With the pressing the olives are broken by tearing the skin and pulp and crushing the olive stones by means of fixed hammers placed inside a perforated grill which regulates the sizes of the broken pieces.


This delicate process alters the emulsion between water and oil to separate them; it is done in a steel tank where the olive paste
is stirred slowly at low temperatures (max 25 °C) in order not to alter the properties of the oil.

Oil extraction

The extraction of organic extra virgin olive oil from the olive paste at the Latteria Turnaria of Tignale is achieved by centrifugation in two phases. The two-phase centrifugation in modern decanters is the most effective method to limit the consumption of water, in order that the oil obtained has a higher concentration of valuable polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants.