Mandarine marmalade

With mandarins grown in the “Prà dela Fam” lemon house in Tignale


250 g


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Citrus reticulata for botanists, simply mandarin for all of us. It is the father of almost all edible citrus fruits, lemons and oranges not excluded. The tree is a shrub with very fragrant leaves, the composite fruit with many segments enclosed in a thin peel that envelops the albedo, a flexible white substance with a bitter taste. Our jam comes from mandarins chosen one by one so as to use only those that are ripe and not bruised. The peel, including the white part, is placed in clear water for about three hours, so as to make it lose its bitter taste, and then chopped and cooked sous vide. Only then is the fruit juice, previously prepared, and the sugar added. Upon completion of cooking, always at low temperatures, to respect the nutrients that the mandarin carries, we have the jam. It contains 70% fruit, compared to the 45% required by law.

Production and bottling

Latteria Turnaria di Tignale S.A.C. - Via Manzoni, 1 - Tignale (BS)



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