Territory of Tignale – Lake Garda

A territory to discover, experience and savour with pleasure

The tourist, the passionate hiker and the sportsman are spoiled for choice to discover and follow interesting itineraries of great naturalistic and historical-cultural value.

Inside the Alto Garda Bresciano Park

Discover the municipality of Tignale on the north-western shore of Lake Garda

Made up of 6 hamlets nestled on a plateau of olive trees and orchards whose territory extends from the mountains down to the lake. Tignale offers the opportunity to spend time visiting the sanctuary of Montecastello, a 13th century monument par excellence, known for its architectural grandeur, artistic beauty and unique and spectacular panorama, and rediscover the completely restored ancient lemon house of Pra dela Fam. The suggestive position of Tignale ensures that you can spend unforgettable days between activities on the lake and others in the mountains.

To reach Tignale it is necessary to move away from the western shore of Lake Garda: gradually you can discover the six hamlets that make up the Municipality by following the ancient paths that connect them.

Through such testimonies it is possible to trace a historical legacy that can lead us to a new interpretation of the territory. An overview of customs and traditions is an objective now shared between the various associations present in the area which, through the establishment of the Ecomuseum of the lemon groves of Garda, aim to stimulate research, valorisation, and conservation of a very rich heritage.

The territory

Enjoy breathtaking views in tranquility.

The territory of Tignale, in the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano (Upper Garda Bresciano Park), it is characterised by the contrast between the lake coast, at 65 meters above sea level, and the hinterland mountains that can reach heights of 1600 m. The visitor can enjoy landscapes and itineraries of great naturalistic value. Switching from the lake to the hills and mountains means enjoying extraordinary views: from the characteristic terraces where typical mediterraneaen trees grow, such as olive, holly oaks, laurel and rosemary, to the woodlands filled with pine, ash, hornbeam, chestnut and beech trees and the continuing anticipation of a surprise view of the dazzling lake.

Experience the lake

The territory of Tignale extends from the mountains down to Lake Garda which, thanks to the constant wind during most of the day, offers the possibility to practice sailing, wind surf, kite surf and many other sports.

Nature and the mountains

The tourist, the hiking enthusiast and the sportsman are spoiled for choice to discover and follow interesting itineraries of great naturalistic and historical-cultural value.

Local flavours

Experiencing the culinary delights of Tignale is an experience that delights the senses. The authentic flavours, the passion for tradition and the love for the territory make Tignale cuisine a true treasure to explore.

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