Organic Olive Oil Regenerating Shampoo

Regenerating shampoo with organic olive oil with acacia honey and aloe vera


300 ml


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Physical stress and air pollution are the main causes that make hair brittle, dull and lifeless. Thanks to the active ingredients contained in organic olive oil, rich in vitamins (K.A.E.D.), acacia honey and organic aloe vera extracts in synergy with guar extracted from cyanopsis tetragonoloba, this shampoo helps the hair structure by forming a protective film and restoring the nourishment it needs to the hair, giving it volume, strength and vitality. It prevents the unsightly generation of split ends. Suitable for all hair types, especially for brittle, dry and dull hair.

  • Organic product

Production and bottling

Produced by BIO API NATURA Azzano Decimo (PN)

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