Bitter Orange Marmalade

With bitter oranges grown in the “Prà dela Fam” lemon house in Tignale


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Citrus Aurantium, as botanists call this ancient, certainly not, cross between the mandarin and the pomelo, with dark and very fragrant leaves, fruits with thick skin, rich in albedo and decidedly aromatic, so much so that they constitute a precious raw material for perfumes . In fact, bitter orange contains various terpenes, including limonene, linalool and linalyl acetate. On a gustatory level, the fruit lives up to its name and the bitter flavor is dominant, so in the production of the jam we proceed with the removal of the colored part of the peel and then the albedo. Both are placed in water to debitter them and only then added to the pulp, suitably de-seeded and chopped, for vacuum cooking at a low temperature, which is essential for preserving the integrity of the aromas. Thus was born a jam with 70% fruit, well above the legal limit of 45%.

Production and bottling

Latteria Turnaria di Tignale S.A.C. - Via Manzoni, 1 - Tignale (BS)



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