Lemon jam

With lemons grown in the “Prà dela Fam” lemon house in Tignale


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A lemon in a jar: this is our jam. Because we take the whole lemon and put it in clear water where it loses the bitterness that would be annoying, then we remove the peel rich in aromas, then the albedo (the white part) and finally we cut the fruit. We cook the different parts separately, so as to add only the optimal quantity of peel, to transform the albedo into a thickener to avoid using exogenous pectins and to keep the properties of the fruit intact. Therefore cooking takes place at a low temperature, at 55°C, using an innovative machine that operates under vacuum. With this process we make the most of Garda lemons, which are notoriously richer in aromas, because they ripen in an environment in which temperature variations (the difference in temperature between day and night) are sensitive and they enjoy both direct sunlight and and those reflected by the lake water. And, in each jar, lemons represent as much as 60% of the contents.

Production and bottling

Latteria Turnaria di Tignale S.A.C. - Via Manzoni, 1 - Tignale (BS)



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