Lemon and Orange Marmalade

With lemons and oranges grown in the “Prà dela Fam” lemon house in Tignale


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The fruits of the orange (Citrus sinensis) provide the sweetness which is balanced by the acidity of those of the lemon (Citrus limon) in the triumph of the aromas of both. Oranges and lemons are processed together: the colored part of the peel is separated from the albedo and both are debittered, the first is macerated in crystalline sugar. While the juicy part of the fruit, also debitterised, is deprived of the seeds and chopped. Everything is then cooked sous vide, so as to respect the aromas and nutrients. The result is a jam that contains 75% fruit, two thirds more than required by law.

Production and bottling

Latteria Turnaria di Tignale S.A.C. - Via Manzoni, 1 - Tignale (BS)



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